The Legal Issues of Online Gambling

info Oct 12, 2021

The recent increase in online gambling across the globe has created some serious problems for governments all over the world. While the government has put plenty of legislation into place to regulate online gambling, these efforts have often fallen short. Many jurisdictions around the world have criminalized online gambling, while others have considered amending their own laws in order to make online gambling illegal. Unfortunately, some countries have gone as far as to implement complete internet blackout legislation that prohibits all sites from being able to function online.

It is becoming increasingly more difficult for people to find a legal online gambling site. In some regions, like Australia, online casinos are completely banned and in the UK they have been threatened with direct regulation if they do not loosen their regulations on online gambling. Many countries have found it increasingly difficult to keep their citizens from accessing online gambling sites, so now many people are turning to online betting services instead.

For many people the idea of placing bets online seems far fetched, but there are hundreds of thousands of people across the globe that turn to online betting services and do it completely legally. Some countries even have regulated online casinos as a form of online gambling and legal online gambling is easier to find than it has ever been before thanks to globalisation. The problem that most countries face though is the problem of how to regulate online gambling. Luckily, by international agreement, all sites that operate online are required to be licensed by the country in which they are operating, otherwise they can be shut down and prosecuted for running illegal gambling sites.